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Trenzyme receives ISO 9001 certification

The Trenzyme GmbH has set another milestone as a first class service provider for the pharma and life science industry. By obtaining the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification the German "TÜV Süd" agency officially acknowledged Trenzyme's high quality management standards. Trenzyme becomes one of very few biotech service providers in the areas of cell line development and protein production to be ISO 9001 certified. The certification covers all areas from customer service and ordering to production processes and product delivery.

"This certification sets us apart from most of our competitors, especially in such complex areas as cell line development and protein expression offering such a variety of host systems." says the founder and CEO Dr. Reinhold Horlacher. "The newly enhanced and completely electronical quality management system is instrumental to a flawless process documentation and an efficient corporate management. It guarantees that our products adhere a consistently high standard which our customers expect from us."
Under guidance of Trenzyme's Co-CEO Konstantin Matentzoglu the Konstanz (Germany)-based company also developed a comprehensive range of cell biological services, including Trenzyme's ExoIN cell line development technology. ExoIN makes it possible to generate homogenous, stable expression cell lines in a record-setting two weeks. "The expansion of our cell culture business unit gives our customers the ability to choose any of the relevant expression-host systems. Depending on the customer's needs, we are able to generate any expression system: from bacteria and yeast to insect and mammalian cells. It has become one of our core strengths to be able to offer the complete range of services from strain and cell line development over protein expression and protein purification to analytics." explains the Co-CEO Konstantin Matentzoglu.
Essential for the complex and often highly customized projects, the ISO 9001 certification guarantees Trenzyme's customers high quality, consistency and transparency of all processes.


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