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Tuttlingen gets an university campus

After a long planning phase, Tuttlingen has now received the go-ahead for establishing the “Tuttlingen University Campus of Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences”. The cooperation agreement was signed on 18 July 2008 by the “Förderverein Hochschulcampus Tuttlingen e.V.“, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

Starting in the winter semester 2009/2010, the new Tuttlingen University Campus will offer 35 university places each in the following three areas: medical technology, medical engineering/production engineering and mechatronics. The courses will, upon the agreement of the boards in charge, carry the following names:

1. Industrial MedTec
2. Industrial Manufacturing
3. Industrial Systems Design

As soon as the university boards in charge have made a decision, the first professor and staff posts can be announced.

Exemplary participation of the regional economy

With this public private partnership initiative, the initiators have responded to the striking lack of engineers in this region. More than 100 companies, the administrative district and the city of Tuttlingen have become members of the Förderverein Hochschulcampus Tuttlingen association and hope that the new University Campus will secure the availability of young academics in the region as well as strengthen the cooperation between the university and the regional economy. The extension of the region’s education and training offers helps the high-tech location Tuttlingen, which already has an outstanding reputation as a dynamic medical technology cluster, to further improve its international profile.

Tuttlingen (Photo: City of Tuttlingen)
Science Minister Prof. Dr. Peter Frankenberg, District Administrator Guido Wolf and Rector Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer called the project “an excellent opportunity for the economy and students in the region and an important step in counteracting the lack of highly qualified experts in seminal areas.” (see press release of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts)

The new university venture is not only remarkable in that it is jointly supported by the city of Tuttlingen and the state of Baden-Württemberg. In many respects it will be a model set up in terms of education, structure and organisation. For example, the regional industry contributes through offering practical training, lecturers, presentations, field trips and by providing modern laboratory and training facilities (outhouse laboratories) for teaching purposes. Something that is unique in German higher education, is the involvement of the partners in designing and contributing to the teaching content. The current drafts of the three curricula were developed, and unanimously agreed on, by a working group consisting of representatives of Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences and advisors of local industry. The teaching content will be delivered to the students in a practical and state-of-the art manner, in which great importance will be put on blended learning, combining traditional university education and Internet-based e-learning.

The new University Campus is closely integrated in the “MedCare TechArea – Medical Technology and Health Tuttlingen/Neckar-Alb” Top Cluster application, coordinated by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg and recently submitted to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The application has already been successful in the first selection round and is currently being further developed for the final round.

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