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Vetter to open new facility in suburban Chicago

On 1st December 2009, the Ravensburg-based contract manufacturer Vetter dedicated its new production facility which will focus on early clinical projects. At the new site in Chicago, Vetter Development Services USA, Inc. will fill very small quantities of product required for pre-clinical through Phase IIb projects. Phase III projects and commercial large-scale production will in future be conducted by the company’s German facilities in Baden-Württemberg. The company estimates that its new facility in the "Illinois Science and Technology Park" will start clinical filling by the end of 2010.

The 2,200 square-metre facility in suburban Chicago is Vetter’s first U.S. facility as well as its first outside Germany. Around half of Vetter’s customer base is located in North America, which made the creation of a U.S. facility the next logical step for the company. In addition, the region around Chicago is a thriving biopharmaceutical location with an established infrastructure.

The development of drugs, particularly for severe diseases, is time- and cost-intensive. Therefore, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are constantly seeking ways to accelerate development and control costs. The company envisages that the new production facility will enable life science companies to streamline their early development process and cut time to market.

Involment in the early drug development process

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“Close collaboration with Vetter, which offers expertise in the early development process has many advantages,” said Peter Sölkner, Vetter’s managing director. “This enables companies to find answers to key questions early on in the drug development process: what is the most user-friendly injection system for the patient? Should the compound be liquid or freeze-dried? What delivery system would best ensure multinational regulatory approval? Getting the answers right the first time gets medications to market and to the patients that need them more quickly.”

David Miller, president and CEO of the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organisation (iBIO): “As we prepare to host the upcoming 2010 BIO International Convention, we are pleased to welcome Vetter to Chicago. The company is an extraordinarily well-respected firm and adds real depth to our rapidly growing life sciences community.”

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/vetter-to-open-new-facility-in-suburban-chicago