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Change of Course – Exploring New Research Territories between the Life Sciences and Science or Engineering

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Many challenging fields of future research go beyond a single discipline’s body of knowledge. This also holds for research overlapping the life sciences on the one hand and mathematics, engineering, computer and natural sciences on the other. The quality of cooperations, posing original research questions and scientific breakthroughs crucially depends on the fact that an academic team is qualified across disciplines and has a capacity to understand and to judge in the other discipline.

Some examples for current fields which require an interdisciplinary approach are given here. The following list is not comprehensive and does not rule out other topics at the interface of the mentioned areas of knowledge:

  • cognitive computing and neuro-inspired technologies;
  • immunophysics and immunoengineering;
  • nanotechnologies and new nonlinear optical methods for biomedical research;
  • molecular bioengineering and hybrid devices (via functional linkage with living cells);
  • bioelectronics, biofabrication and bio-inspired energy conversion.

Complex questions in such interdisciplinary fields can only be solved if knowledge from several domains is used and further developed. For visionary, ambitious and radically new solutions genuine border crossers are needed, who can penetrate and bring in the wealth of knowledge of complementary scientific disciplines in addition to proven expertise in their own field.

Eligible for application are group leaders (with Ph.D.) and professors from the natural, technical and life sciences. The responsible applicant must have a position at a scientific institution in Germany during the term.

Deadline: May 28, 2020

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/database/funding/change-of-course-exploring-new-research-territories-between-the-life-sciences-and-science-or-engineering