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Funding programme
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Horizon 2020
EU Mitgliedsstaaten oder mit Horizon 2020 assoziierte Staaten

COVID-X bridges the gap between the European digital sector and healthcare providers. The program will unlock the full capacity of Artificial Intelligence and Data Technology solutions to overcome COVID-19 Challenges, fast-tracking projects to market and save lives.

COVID-X invites market-oriented SMEs to provide innovative products to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

An SME is considered eligible for COVID-X Acceleration Process if it complies will ALL the following rules:

  • It is a legal entity established and based in one of the EU Member States or an H2020 Associated country as defined in H2020 rules for participation:
  • It is a technology provider or technology adopter/user providing innovation to the healthcare.
  • Start-ups that do not have yet annual turnover or balance sheets are also considered eligible given that they fulfil the criteria (a) and (b) of section §3.1 at submission time.
  • In case an SME is awarded a sub-project, it will remain eligible even if, at a certain point during the sub-project execution, it does not fulfil criteria (b) or (c) of section §3.1.

Any selected proposer will sign a dedicated Sub-Grantee Funding Agreement with the COVID-X consortium. The funds attached to the Sub-Grantee Funding Agreement come directly from the funds of the European Project COVID-X funded itself by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (EASME), and remain therefore, property of the EU until the payment of the balance, whose management rights have been transferred to the project partners in COVID-X via European Commission Grant Agreement Number 101016065.

Deadline to Apply: 27 January 2021

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/database/funding/covid-x