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  • Dossier Advanced therapy medicinal products

    Novel gene and cell therapies are associated with high expectations in the treatment of incurable and hereditary diseases. Among them, CAR-T cell therapies have emerged as a major hope in cancer treatment.
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  • Industry report The healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg

    BIOPRO's new report entitled "Healthcare Industry 2020: Facts and Figures for Baden-Württemberg" illustrates key figures like num the number of companies, number of employees and taxable turnover for the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.
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14th to 15th December 2022


This Meet & Match event provides insights into current trends and technologies in the area of innovative cell and gene therapies from Baden-Württemberg and the United Kingdom. The talks of this Meet & Match range from new therapeutic approaches currently under development in the field of cell & gene therapy, novel manufacturing methods and delivery systems to gene silencing/editing and challenges in clinical trials.

Latest news

  • Article - 30/06/2014

    Biotech research is aimed at improving industrial-scale microbial production, making it more profitable and more competitive. However, laboratory-scale data cannot easily be transferred one to one to large-scale production. New systems biology concepts for the simulation of large-scale production are now set to make this possible.

  • Article - 30/06/2014

    A large-scale long-term cohort study will be carried out to explain the causes of widespread diseases, in particular cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and to identify the risk factors that lead to or favour the development of a certain disease. The principal objective of the German National Cohort (GNC) is to create the conditions that enable the development of new strategies for the prevention, risk assessment and early…

  • Press release - 26/06/2014

    At the end of May the first German-Chinese workshop on the role of biotechnology in a future bioeconomy was held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT with generous support from the Baden-Württemberg government. Researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences institutes Tianjin Dalian Tsingtau and from the Chinese Universities of Beijing Nanking and Shanghai met with Baden-Württemberg experts to discuss the current state of research in China…

  • Press release - 23/06/2014

    Within the context of the Dragon-STAR project a Travel Grant Scheme will be implemented. The Travel Grant Scheme provides financial support to European organizations to travel to China and investigate the Chinese market and identify suitable partners to conclude technological and/or research collaboration. It also provides financial support to eligible European organizations. The Call is open to 18th July 2014.

  • Dossier - 16/06/2014

    Biotechnology opens up numerous opportunities for the food industry. The targeted use of biotechnological methods can, amongst other things, help reduce the quantity and number of unhealthy ingredients in foods as well as degrade allergenic substances. Genomic research and targeted breeding also greatly facilitate progress in agriculture. Food biotechnology therefore contributes significantly to saving resources, optimising harvest yields and…

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