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  • Dossier Advanced therapy medicinal products

    Novel gene and cell therapies are associated with high expectations in the treatment of incurable and hereditary diseases. Among them, CAR-T cell therapies have emerged as a major hope in cancer treatment.
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  • Industry report The healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg

    BIOPRO's new report entitled "Healthcare Industry 2020: Facts and Figures for Baden-Württemberg" illustrates key figures like num the number of companies, number of employees and taxable turnover for the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.
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Latest news

  • Press release - 12/06/2024

    Invasive infections such as sepsis require immediate and targeted treatment. Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB and group partners have succeeded in establishing a reconceptualized detection principle that can make a crucial contribution to saving lives through fast, ultra-accurate pathogen identification. They have been chosen to receive the 2024 Stifterverband Science Prize for their efforts.

  • Press release - 07/06/2024

    Prof. Dr. Peter Loskill and Dr. Silke Riegger from the 3R Center Tübingen for in-vitro models and animal testing alternatives have been awarded the Ursula M. Händel Animal Welfare Prize 2024. The prize, endowed with 80,000 euros, was awarded to them in Würzburg for the development of organ-on-chip (OoC) systems as an alternative to animal testing.

  • Press release - 06/06/2024

    Festo is expanding its portfolio to include multilayer manifolds made of plastic (bonded manifolds) in order to be able to offer manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment solutions from a single source. To this end, Festo is taking over the production systems and processes for manufacturing these complex plastic manifolds from Carville, a leading company in this field.

  • Press release - 05/06/2024

    he Robert Bosch Stiftung is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2024. To commemorate this, the Foundation is holding an anniversary celebration today at its headquarters in Stuttgart. Among the guests are partners from the Foundation's charitable work as well as representatives from politics, business, and society, including members of the Bosch family and company.

  • Press release - 31/05/2024

    The Damietta Server broadens the accessibility to protein design research and its applications in various biotechnological and biomedical fields. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen, the University of Tübingen, and the University Hospital Tübingen have developed a web-based toolkit to accelerate and simplify protein design without needing powerful computers or extensive protein design expertise on the user’s end.

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