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4C Close up – Insights into C2 | How to just do QMS


05.00 pm - 06.00 pm
free of charge
Online seminar
Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH
Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH
Lea Renz
Email: renz(at)mi-incubator.com

Have you ever wondered what a clinical evaluation of a medical device looks like? Or what its scope with regard to its corresponding documents is? We provide remedy!

In our webinar series “4C Close-up”, our internal MII-experts discuss practical topics focusing on one of the 4Cs with experienced practitioners from advanced startups or established companies. We provide you with close-up insights into real world examples (e.g., regulatory documents). Always with our goal in mind: Enabling you to help yourself!

December 5, 2022: 4C Close up – Insights into C2 | How to just do QMS

Just do QMS! Join our next 4C Close-up Webinar and learn how our guests Dr. Ramona Samba (CEO) and Niko Mangold (RA) from the startup sync2brain built their QMS according to ISO 13485. They will provide insights into their QMS, its scope, the manual and SOPs. Together with our MII startup coach Dr. Henrike Stutzki, we discuss how to build your own QMS as a startup so that it meets regulatory requirements and is livable in everyday life.

  • What? C2 | How to just do QMS
  • Who? Dr. Ramona Samba (CEO, sync2brain GmbH), Niko Mangold (RA, sync2brain GmbH), & Dr. Henrike Stutzki (Startup Coach, MII)
  • When? Dec 5, 5-6 pm CET, via MS Teams

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