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  • Industry report The healthcare industry – the innovation driver of the 21st century: opportunities and challenges

    BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg’s new industry report entitled "The Healthcare Industry 2018: Facts and Figures for Baden-Württemberg" has just been published in both German and English.

  • Dossier Tumour metastasis

    Cancer is usually not curable when metastases have formed in the body. Metastases are often resistant to drugs that have successfully eliminated the primary tumour. Intensive research activities are focusing on new therapeutic concepts aimed at developing effective anti-metastatic therapies. 

  • Publications Selected publications

    Here you can find selected publications on the Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry.

  • Contact Imagephoto, Gel, fluorescence, electrophoresis

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Lates news

  • Article - 06/08/2019

    Wer kennt das nicht? Man ist krank, fühlt sich nicht wohl, aber der Hausarzt hat gerade keine Sprechstunde, so kurzfristig keinen Termin mehr frei, oder der Weg ist zu weit oder zu beschwerlich. Für solche Fälle bietet die Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg (KVBW) im Rahmen ihres docdirekt-Projekts nun Hilfe an: Jeder gesetzlich Versicherte in Baden-Württemberg bekommt wochentags per Telefon, App oder Chat kostenfrei und bequem von…

  • Article - 05/08/2019

    Globally, increasing numbers of bacteria are becoming resistant to common antibiotics. Moreover, many reserve group antibiotics are no longer effective for infections caused by multidrug-resistant pathogens. Researchers in an excellence cluster at the University of Tübingen are investigating an alternative approach to combating bacterial infections. Their goal is to specifically influence the microbiome, the human microbial community.

  • Article - 26/07/2019

    Researchers from the University of Freiburg have recently discovered a completely new mechanism that influenza viruses use to infect cells. This discovery was partly made possible by a so-called emulsion coupling assay - an extremely sensitive, digital detection method developed by Actome GmbH in collaboration with scientists from the Freiburg University of Applied Sciences and Hahn-Schickard. The assay is used to count individual molecules and…

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