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The Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry

The biotechnology sector

Baden-Württemberg is currently home to 184 biotechnology companies. In addition to dedicated biotechnology companies, this also includes bioinformatics, diagnostics and analytics companies that use modern biotechnology methods or focus on biotechnological production.

Baden-Württemberg is home to 184 medical/red biotechnology companies that research, develop and/or manufacture here. In 2018, they generated a taxable turnover of 4.19 billion euros with 18,589 employees subject to social security contributions. Most biotechnology companies were located in the Rhine-Neckar region (49), the southern Upper Rhine region (31) and the Neckar-Alb region (23). The two regions with the highest revenues were Donau-Iller (Biberach, Laupheim and Ulm) and Rhine-Neckar (Heidelberg, Mannheim). The attractiveness of the state is shown by the fact that, in addition to pharmaceutical companies, a large number of medical biotechnology companies enrich the overall offer in Baden-Württemberg. While the pharmaceutical industry provides implementation and production process know-how, among other things, the mostly smaller, agile biotech companies or start-ups drive innovation in the sector.

Fields of activity of biotechnology companies in Baden-Württemberg (companies may have several fields of activity). © BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Over 78 medical biotechnology companies have been founded in Baden-Württemberg since 2010. This rep- resents 40 percent of all biotechnology companies in Baden-Württemberg. 17 companies were founded in the period between 1/2018 and 9/2020. The fact that the number of start-ups in the first half of 2020 is relatively low compared to previous years can be largely ascribed to the coronavirus pandemic. Company founders are struggling with liquidity bottlenecks and the absence of financing rounds. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing has reacted to this situation and is now promoting early-stage financing by expanding the Start-up BW Pre-Seed programme and through the newly established Start-up BW Pro-Tect support programme.

Companies and turnover of the biotechnology sector in Baden-Württemberg in 2018 by employment size class © BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
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