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Basics of Market Access for Start-ups in Medical Technology

09.00 am - 11.47 am
EIT Health Germany
Medidee Services
Michael Lüttgen
EIT Health Germany GmbH
Tel.: + 49 (0)621 76 44 61 12
E-Mail: michael.luettgen(at)eithealth.eu

The Event will take place online and in English. We recommend to attend both seminar days as the content was created based on a holistic approach.

Agenda Day 1 (07.10.2020)

09:00 Greeting from the organizers

09:15 Health Care Market Germany – An Overview (Dr. Benjamin Schulz)

09:30 Overview of the German Reimbusement Framework (In-Patient / hospital)

  • Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Hospital
  • ICD- and OPS-Codes
  • DRG, Lump Sum per Case, Additional Fee (Zusatzentgelt), NUB
  • Nutzenbewertungsverfahren (§137 h, e, c) (Benefit Assessment)
  • Calculation Hospitals

10:30 Market Research & Data acquisition (Dr. Stephan Binder)

10:45 Economically supported argumentation, medical-economy (Marco Kalms)

  • Value Pricing & Cost per Case Argumentation

11:00 Experience from the practice (Marco Kalms)

  • Role of Key Opinion Leaders
  • Strategic and Operational Market Development, Success Stories
  • Business Case per Product / Indication

11:45 Q&A – End of Day 1

Agenda Day 2 (08.10.2020)

09:00 Overview of the German Reimbursement Framework (Out-Patient / ambulatory) (Dr. Katja Schröder)

  • Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Doctor’s office
  • EBM, GOÄ
  • Nutzenbewertungsverfahren (§135, §137e) (Benefit Assessment)
  • Medical Aids (Hilfsmittel), Wound dressings

09:45 Requirements for clinical evidence from a reimbursement perspective (Dr. Katja Schröder)

10:15 Stakeholders-identification and -management (Health Funds, Medical Societies, Patient Organizations, etc.) (Michael Kauch)

10:45 AOP-Catalogue (ambulatory surgeries) as an example of the transition In-patient to out-patient (Michael Kauch)

11:00 MDK-Reformgesetz (Reform Act) (Michael Kauch)

11:15 Latest Developments: Special Case DiGA (Digital Health Apps) (Dr. Julia Knorr)

11:45 Q&A – End of Day 2

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/basics-market-access-start-ups-medical-technology