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Basics of Market Access for Start-ups in Medical Technology Part II: Successful Reimbursement for MedTech Start-ups!

free of charge
EIT Health Germany, Medidee, BadenCampus
Lena Weller
Communications and Events Lead
Phone: +49 (0) 621 764 461-11

Join us for Part II of the Seminar Series “Market Access and Basics of Regulatory Affairs for Start-ups in Medical Technology” and get an overview of the regulatory landscape and regulatory stakeholders in Medtech, understand the major principles, concepts and processes and learn how to sequence the necessary steps and build awareness of possible pitfalls when bringing a Medtech product to the market. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Day 1 (05.10.2021)

09:00    Greeting from the organizers

09:15    Health Care Market Germany – An Overview (Dr. Benjamin Schulz)

09:30    Overview of the German Reimbursement Framework (In-Patient / hospital) (Dr. Benjamin Schulz)

  • Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Hospital
  • ICD- and OPS-Codes
  • DRG, Lump Sum per Case, Additional Fee (Zusatzentgelt), NUB
  • Nutzenbewertungsverfahren (§137 h, e, c) (Benefit Assessment)
  • Calculation Hospitals

10:30    Q&A

10:40    Market Research & Data acquisition (Dr. Stephan Binder)

10:55    Economically supported argumentation, medical-economy (Marco Kalms)

  • Value Pricing & Cost per Case Argumentation

11:10    Experience from the practice (Marco Kalms and Dr. Stephan Binder)

  • Role of Key Opinion Leaders
  • Strategic and Operational Market Development, Success Stories
  • Business Case per Product / Indication

11:50    Q&A

12:00    End of Day 1

Day 2 (06.10.2021)

09:00    Welcome

09:05    Think out of the box – Market Access across the four biggest east Asian economies – China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan (in cooperation with Intralink - www.intralinkgroup.com; Ruslan Tursunov and Graham Barker)

09:30    Q&A

09:40    Overview of the German Reimbursement Framework (Out-Patient / ambulatory) (Dr. Katja Schröder)

  • Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Doctor’s office
  • EBM, GOÄ
  • Nutzenbewertungsverfahren (§135, §137e) (Benefit Assessment)
  • Medical Aids (Hilfsmittel), Wound dressings

10:15    Requirements for clinical evidence from a reimbursement perspective (Dr. Katja Schröder)

10:35    Q&A

10:45    Stakeholders-identification and -management (Health Funds, Medical Societies, Patient Organizations, etc.) (Michael Kauch)

11:05    AOP-Catalogue (ambulatory surgeries) as an example of the transition In-patient to out-patient (Michael Kauch)

11:25    Germany after the Elections – (how) will the health policy framework change? (Michael Kauch)

11:40    Q&A

11:50    Latest Developments: Special Case DiGA (Digital Health Apps) (Dr. Julia Knorr)

12:15    Q&A

12:25    Adjourn

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/basics-market-access-start-ups-medical-technology-part-ii-successful-reimbursement-medtech-start-ups