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Bio-Europe Spring 2020

Target group
Biotech, Pharma and Finance
EBD GmbH/EBD Group

Important note:

Instead of hosting an in-person format in Paris, BIO-Europe Spring will be delivered as a fully digital event which will take place over the entire week of March 23–27, 2020.

Informa/EBD states: "With over 2,000 people registered, and 25,000+ meetings already requested, we are committed to helping you achieve your partnering objectives. A situation out of our control is preventing us from doing business in a face-to-face environment, so we’ve come together to offer an alternative solution. We will now be delivering BIO-Europe Spring as a fully digital event, offering virtual partnering, online company presentations, pre-recorded panels and a virtual exhibit."

NOTE: This event is only open to registered attendees. To access the digital offerings, guests will be required to use their partneringONE account login.

What to expect?

  • Virtual Partnering Meetings: Partnering meetings will be offered through a secure online conferencing service.  Each meeting request will come with a simple link allowing you to participate in your dealmaking discussions regardless of location! We will extend the period of the event online to accommodate meetings for different time zones.
  • Recorded Company Presentations: All of the innovative companies who’ve signed up for presentation slots have been invited to submit a pre-recorded presentation.  Once the online event begins on March 23, virtual attendees can visit the “Pitch Room” to see a short description of the company and view the posted video. Share your email if you’d like the company to get in touch!
  • Online Panel Sessions: The fantastic agenda and speaker lineup will be available for viewing via online recordings.  Once sessions are available, they will be posted in the “Content Hub”.  Attendees will be able to view the engaging discussion among panelists.  This is an optimal solution as you’ll have time to participate in partnering and program.
  • Virtual Exhibit: Attendees will be able to view the numerous companies participating in the virtual exhibit. They can learn more about service offerings, and watch short informational videos.
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/bio-europe-spring