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Diagnostics-4-Future 2021

139 - 289 €
Hafenstraße 2
78462 Konstanz
BioLAGO e.V. – the health network
Michael Statnik
Conference Manager
Project Manager Diagnostics
BioLAGO e.V. – the health network

Phone: +49 (0)7531 92 15 25 2
E-mail: michael.statnik(at)biolago.org

Register until 6th October, 2021 and use the code BIOPRO25 to get 25 % discount on your ticket!

‘Diagnostics-4-Future Conference‘ is the international meeting-place for users and providers from industry and science.

Based on questions in medical care, clinics and laboratories, innovative solutions for new diagnostics are discussed including research and development. The focus is also on solutions for rural areas (point-of-care). Organizer is the international health network BioLAGO. The conference emerged from the DiagNET project.

Conference Topics

  • Diagnostics of Multiresistant Pathogens
  • Cancer Diagnostics
  • Therapeutical Drug Monitoring
  • New Approaches for Common Diseases
  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics

Characteristics of the Conference


Initiator is the international health network BioLAGO where companies, research institutions and clinics work together on new diagnostics. The conference emerged from the DiagNET project.

Medical need

The discussed matters are highly user-oriented (physicians, clinicians, laboratories, medical centers). Medical needs and compatibility with user processes (clinical routine) are key factors for the conference.

Patient focus

Especially, patient-oriented solutions regarding health-care in regional hospitals are addressed (e.g. point-of-care-testing).


The conference connects partners worldwide with the 4-country region around Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein). Past conferences brought together experts from over 15 countries (Europe, USA, Asia)

5 Reasons for Attending

1. Summary of medical needs and diagnostic trends

2. Experts as on hand conversation partners

3. Impulses for new solutions and future collaborations

4. International exchange and matchmaking

5. Partnering & Exhibition opportunities to present your solutions

Programme October 25, 2021

12.00 Pre-conference special:
Matchmaking event with 1-to-1 meetings (only a limited number of tickets available!)

15.30 Registration, welcome coffee, exhibition & networking

16.00 Welcome and introduction by BioLAGO
Dr. Jörg Schickedanz, BioLAGO e.V. / JS_Consulting

Session 1: Digital diagnostics - what are valid business models?

Chair: Dr. Michael Steinwand, BioLAGO / Innovendia Consulting Services (D)

16.10 KEYNOTE: Added value through digital health and related business models
Sebastian Vorberg, Bundesverband Internetmedizin (Federal Association Internet Medicine)

16.35 Networking and exhibition

17.00 Digital approaches to ensure continuity and quality in cancer treatment
Bastian Hennig, Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH (D)

17.20 Digital health - viable models from the perspective of medium-sized enterprises
Alexander Gmelin, VidaWell GmbH (D)

17.40 Plenary discussion

17.50 Networking and exhibition

18.30 Conference Dinner with live music (Location: Steigenberger Inselhotel)

Programme October 26, 2021

09.30 Registration, welcome coffee & networking

10.00 Introduction and review of Day 1:
Dr. Michael Steinwand, BioLAGO (D)

Session 2: New diagnostic concepts for infectious diseases

Chair: Dr. Daniel Caminada, LMZ Dr Risch Group (LI/CH)

10.05 KEYNOTE: Looking Beyond PCR: Novel Applications of Molecular Diagnostics to Detect Secondary Bacterial Infections in Patients with Influenza or SARS-CoV-2
Dr. med. Peter Keller, University Hospital of Bern ‘Inselspital‘ (CH)

10.30 Whole genome sequencing of pathogens for infection surveillance
Dr. Oliver Nolte, Center for Laboratory Medicine St. Gallen (CH)

10.50 A microfluidics platform in combination with NGS for ultra-fast notification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its resistance pattern
Dr. Markus Beutler, Institute of Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine (D)
Dr. Kerstin Rönsch, Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH (D)

11.10 Decoding the Unknown: Use of Clinical Metagenomics to Effectively Diagnose Infectious Diseases
Prof. Dr. John Rossen, University of Groningen (NL)

11.30 Plenary discussion

11.40 Conference lunch & networking

Session 3: Individual diagnostics - the key factor for immunotherapies in cancer treatment

Chair: Dr. Simone Günther, EMC² Lake Constance / Becton Dickinson (D)

13.00 KEYNOTE: Topic: Cell therapy and the role of diagnostics - review on up-to-date research
Dr. Reuben Benjamin, King's College London (UK)

13.25 Disease-specific T-cell monitoring – a tool to improve cancer immunotherapies
Dr. Lieselotte Brix, Immudex ApS (DK)

13.45 Deep sequencing: needs & challenges from laboratory view
Dr. Sabine Kelkenberg, CeGaT GmbH (D)

14.05 nanoLabelling for stem cell visualization and tracking
Marc Masa, LEITAT Technological Center (ESP)

14.25 Plenary discussion

14.35 Networking, coffee & exhibition

Session 4: Common diseases - needs and new approaches for diagnostics and therapy

Chair: Dr. Emmanuel Delamarche, IBM Research (CH)

15.15 KEYNOTE: Point of Care versus Lab Based testing of common diseases – Striking a balance
Dr. Stephen G. Maher, Trinity College Dublin, St. James’s Hospital, (IRL)

15.40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Healthcare in 2025: everything digital?

Introductory presentation:
Future solutions integrating diagnostics and therapy
Dr. Emmanuel Delamarche, IBM Research (CH)

  • Dr. med Wolfhard Erdlenbruch, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (CH)
  • Till Osswald, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH (D)
  • Dr. Stephen G. Maher, Trinity College Dublin, St.James's Hospital (IRL)
  • Dr. Ina Wüstefeld, Aesculap AG (D)
  • Dr. med. Volker Liebenberg, Illumina, Inc. (D)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold, HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences (D)

16.40 Closing remarks and networking apéro

Pre-Conference Special: International Matchmaking Diagnostics
October 25, 2021, 12.00-15.30

On the first conference day BioLago invites you to an International Matchmaking with organized 1:1 meetings in thematic groups. The target group are users and providers from industry and science in diagnostics and related fields.

If you are looking for new cooperations and contacts, you are right here. Please note that the number of tickets for the matchmaking event is limited. Secure your place now!

12.15Networking Lunch
12.45Parallel 1:1 meetings in thematic groups
Topic Group 1:
Infectious diseases / therapy monitoring

- introduction of participants in thematic groups
- 1:1 meetings (6 x 10 min)
Topic Group 2:
Cancer diagnostics / immunotherapies

- introduction of participants in thematic groups
- 1:1 meetings (6 x 10 min)
Topic Group 3:
Common diseases diagnostics

- introduction of participants in thematic groups
- 1:1 meetings (6 x 10 min)
15.00Networking with all participants
Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/diagnostics-4-future-2021