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European Business Development Conference 2018

Hannover Congress Centrum (hcc)
Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1-3
30175 Hannover (Germany)
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Biotechnologie-Industrie-Organisation Deutschland e.V. (BIO Deutschland e. V.)
Kirsten Lang
Project Assistant
E-mail: lang(at)biodeutschland.org

Matthias Bach
Manager Marketing
E-mail: bach(at)biodeutschland.org
EBDC 2018


  • A gene is a hereditary unit which has effects on the traits and thus on the phenotype of an organism. Part on the DNA which contains genetic information for the synthesis of a protein or functional RNA (e.g. tRNA).
  • The somatic gene therapy is used to compensate gene defects. Therefore, the correct form of the mutated gene is transferred into somatic cells.
  • T-Lymphocytes (also called: T-cells) are important cells of the immune defence (white blood cells), which recognize foreign particles (antigens) when they are bound to the surface of other cells. Together with the B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes participate in the aquired immune response, which means that they are able to respond specifically to a certain pathogen.

The European Business Development Conference (EBDC) is an annual event for leading decision makers from biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.

About half of innovative drugs result from national – and especially international – collaborations. The EBDC provides a forum for making contacts and discussing topics and trends of relevance to the market.

Program Outline

Reboot for gene and cell therapy: challenges and perspectives
After setbacks in the 90s, gene therapy has returned to the R&D laboratories of pharma and biotech companies. Transfer of genes is not only key for the production of CAR- or TCR-T-cells to fight cancer. In 2017 the FDA approved the first gene therapy for a genetic disease, a form of retinal dystrophy. Treatments for diseases of the blood are also far along in the clinical pipeline. What are challenges and perspectives for cures based on gene therapy?

Exits for Biotechs: Before and After the IPO
Besides the advantages of a public offering around the access to growth capital at the time of an IPO and thereafter, the preparation of the operation can often be demanding for private organization. Also, the time after a company went public has its challenges. CEOs and CFOs of European biotech companies who chose the pan-European exchange Euronext for their IPO discuss their experiences with other experts and share best practice examples in this session.

Big Data and Digitization: Perspectives for drug development and patient care
The availability of large amounts of biomarker and medical data is revolutionizing medicine and drug development. How can these vast amounts of data best be used to improve R&D and clinical trials? How will big data impact the time from drug discovery to market launch and will the use of digital data revolutionize patient care?

Spotlight talks: Unmet medical needs

Besides the sessions the program will offer dedicated slots for one-to-one partnerings, company presentations of innovative biotechs and a networking dinner.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/european-business-development-conference-2018/