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International Matchmaking Event for the medical devices industry

Enschede, Netherlands
Industrieplein 2
7553 LL Hengelo
The Netherlands
Matchmaking Event
Target group
Medical Device Industry
advanced business events
Andrea Reinwart
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 86 41 54
Fax.: +33 (0)1 46 03 86 26
Email: AReinwart@advbe.com

Medical Devices Meetings Twente will be held in Enschede (Twente)/ Netherlandsfrom September 18-19, 2019 and is organized by advanced business events in cooperation with World Trade Center Twente, OostNL and ThinkEast Netherlands and support from BIOPRO, Medical Mountains and Biovalley France.

Medical Devices Meetings Twente is a specialty forum with an exclusive focus on the medical devices supply chain. MDM Twente will bring together engineering, fabrication, supply chain teams, contract manufacturers and service providers through pre-arranged meetings.

MDM Twente is not another exhibition. It offers a unique platform to identify all the participants prior to the event, request meetings with relevant contacts and meet them face-to-face during the forum.

In addition to the one-to-one meetings, MDM Twente offers an international conference program dedicated to supply chain & procurement policies, and innovation. These are excellent opportunities for professionals to share experiences and better comprehend the market scientific, industrial, technical and commercial evolutions. Expect an impressive line-up of speakers from prominent industry players setting out what technologies and capabilities they need from their suppliers today and tomorrow.

Some of the companies that have pledged their participation in the event; PHILIPS MEDICAL, BIOTRONIK, AESCULAP, FESTO, FRAUNHOFER, DITABIS, DEMCON, etc.

Participating at the “Medical Devices Meetings” and the matchmaking program is an outstanding tool to save time, meet the right people and develop business. This service allows participants to quickly and easily identify new business opportunities with minimum efforts.

How does it work?

1. Register online for the business convention: fill out the form describing your company, the products, capabilities and services you offer.

2. Three weeks before the event, you will have access to all the participants and can choose who you want to meet with.

3. Taking into account the wishes of all participants, abe will schedule your business meetings and create a personalized meeting agenda taking place over a 2-day period.

4. You attend the business convention, including business meetings and conferences.


September 18th: high level conferences & workshops (starting at 1:30 pm)

September 19th: Business Convention (one-to-one meetings)

To get discounted tickets for the MDM Event contact BIOPRO BW via email: schneck@bio-pro.de

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/international-matchmaking-event-for-the-medical-devices-industry