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Life Science Investors’ Day 2023


09.00 am - 04.30 pm
Heidelberg (Germany)
free of charge
Business Development Center Heidelberg
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Ring 5
69124 Heidelberg
Joint initiative of BioLabs Heidelberg, BioRN, Heidelberg Startup Partners and Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg.
Markus Bühler
Life Science Accelerator
Program Lead
E-Mail: markus.buehler(at)heidelberg.de

Thomas Prexl
Heidelberg Startup Partners
Managing Director
E-Mail: thomas.prexl(at)heidelberg.de

We believe that life science startups need a well-functioning ecosystem to be successful. That’ s why we’re joining forces and closing the gaps in the value chain from technology transfer to financing clinical trials.

The Life Science Investors’ Day facilitates a continuous exchange between investors and founders. Recognizing opportunities early and jointly realizing potential.

2023 will again bring together life science investors, founding projects and startups from all over the world. In one of the most important medical locations in Europe, the Greater Heidelberg Region. We would love you to be part of it!


09:00    Registration & Networking Breakfast

10:00    Opening Words

10:15    Pitches
             – 5 Investors (1 Minute)
             – 5 Startups (5 Minutes)

11:00    Networking Coffee

11:30    Pitches
             – 5 Investors (1 Minute)
             – 5 Startups (5 Minutes)

12:00    Pitches
             – 5 Investors (1 Minute)
             – 5 Startups (5 Minutes)

12:45    Networking Lunch

13:55    Pitches
             – 5 Investors (1 Minute)
             – 5 Startups (5 Minutes)

14:40    Keynote (tbd)

15:10    Networking Coffee

15:40    Pitches
             – 5 Investors (1 Minute)
             – 5 Startups (5 Minutes)

16:25    Closing Notes

16:30    End of Event & Networking Dinner

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Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/life-science-investors-day-1