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MedTech Startup School 2017

Registration deadline
Target group
students, scientists and medical doctors
Stiftung für Medizininnovationen
Dr. Lukas Radwan
E-Mail: radwan(at)startupschool-tuebingen.com
MedTech Startup School 2017

The MedTech Startup School (MSS) is a 100 day acceleration-program, where students, scientist and medical doctors build medtech-startups. During these 100 days, the participants develop business cases and technologies which aim to improve healthcare. The MSS is more than an usual summer school: during the summer the startup-teams not only join different courses. They go 'out of the building´, talk to medical doctors, customers, patients, write code, develop marketing plans, build landingpages for their projects, learn how project management works, and much more.

The summer school benefits from the different backgrounds of the participants and we don’t have strict criteria: any researcher, graduate and undergraduate with a demonstrable passion for entrepreneurship, healthcare and innovation can apply. We are also looking for established entrepreneurs who want to share their experience, accelerate their start-up or even join a new one. But all have the same goal, to make perfect pitch at Demo Day and build up a successful medtech startup. During their journey they get support by the organizers of the MSS, medical advisors, mentors and further experts. 

Application deadline for the next MSS is on May 22nd 2017!

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/medtech-startup-school-2017/