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Public health research and data sharing: Gesundheitsdatenökosystem


04.00 pm - 07.00 pm
Roche Pharma AG
Fraunhofer FIT
Data Saves Lives
Springer Medizin Verlag GmbH
Dr. Erika Schirghuber
E-mail: erika.schirghuber(at)roche.com

In the conference series Public Health Research & Data Sharing, national and international experts will discuss the development of the EHDS on October 4th. Don’t miss.


Part 1: Implementation of the European Health Data Space

Moderation: Dr. Lydia Unger-Hunt

16:00 Uhr | Welcome and introduction

  • Opening remarks by Steering Committee
  • A common European Health Data Space – A path towards digital healthcare in the EU
  • The role of the EHDS for digital healthcare in Germany
  • Toward a shared European data health infrastructure
  • Health data architectures for routine care and research
  • Collaborative ways in evidence generation
  • Panel discussion
  • Wrap up

17:40 Uhr | Break

Part 2: Towards health data ecosystems in Europe: Supporting responsible health data sharing

17:45 Uhr | Data spaces and data ecosystems for sustainable health systems

Infrastructure for trustworthly and secure sharing of health data in Europe

  • Securely Sharing Clinical Research with Researchers
  • The Health Outcomes Observatory: A patient-centric healthcare approach
  • OSCAR: Danisch One Stop Shop For Clinical Research
  • German Human Genome-Phenome Archive
  • Medical Data Spaces
  • Wrap-up and closing remarks

19:00 Uhr | End of event

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