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RoX Hackathon 2021

E-mail: julia(at)roxhealth.com

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E-mail: RoX-Hackathon(at)roxhealth.com

The RoX Hackathon will provide you with the perfect environment to work on pressing challenges within digital health in the fields of neurology, oncology (or your own greenfield topic!). During the 2.5 days of our Hackathon, teams will be supported by professional coaches and RoX experts.

The three best pitches will win a prize and up to three teams among all teams have the opportunity to develop their idea into a business during the 8-weeks RoX Company Builder Program. No team? No worries, apply and find the right team colleagues to work with during our Hackathon – and beyond.

Who should apply?

If you are passionate about digital health and you can imagine starting your own business or even already founded a Startup, you should not miss the RoX Health Hackathon 2021! For this 2.5-days event we are looking for experts from business, healthcare, tech, UX/UI design and regulatory who are excited to develop solutions for one of our challenges.

To participate in the online hackathon you should be based in Europe, available full time from October 28th to 30th and potentially be willing to commit more time in the subsequent months to continue working on your idea to turn it into a successful venture. The hackathon will be held in English but speaking German is a plus.

You can apply as an individual or as a team. If you already identified some potential co-founders, please make sure that you apply individually and indicate your team mates’ names in the respective field in our application form.

We evaluate applications on a rolling basis and invite accepted applicants to our RoX Hackathon Slack community to start discussing potential ideas and form groups. Therefore, we would advise you to apply as early as you can to secure your spot!

And don’t worry if you have never participated in a Hackathon, there is always a first time!

What are the Challenges?


Creating long-term impact in aftercare:
Supporting breast cancer patients with adherence and managing side effects


Digital Biomarkers:
Creating a novel way to support oncology patients individually


Keeping track of Alzheimer’s Disease:
Solutions for monitoring disease progression and changing patient needs


Brain Health:
Keeping users engaged in long-term prevention


Bring your own topic!

Prizes for the best pitches


  • 20 hours with RoX Experts
  • Two books for each team member from our recommended reading list


  • 10 hours with RoX Experts
  • One book for each team member


  • One book for each team member

What happens after the Hackathon?

Up to 3 teams have the opportunity to enter the RoX Company Builder Program (up to 8 weeks) and potentially make their concept come to life:

  • Budget for market research and expert know how to validate the concept
  • Workshops and team sessions for various topics (user research, market access, regulatory, ...)
  • Access to the RoX and Roche network

Teams that make it through the program will be ready to launch their idea together with RoX.

    Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/rox-hackathon-2021