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The 26th MedTech Investing Europe Conference

Lausanne, Switzerland
1200€ - 1900 €
Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne
Avenue d'Ouchy 40
1006 Lausanne
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Target group
Investors with a focus throughout the life science sector, Senior representatives from major healthcare corporations, Early- to mid-stage companies seeking financing, Family offices and private investors, MedTech service providers
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Program 26th MedTech Investing Europe Conference
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The 26th MedTech Investing Europe Conference


  • The life sciences involve the research, development, and marketing of products, technologies, and services on the basis of modern biotechnology.
  • Selection in a biological context means the assortment of organisms due to their characteristics. On the one hand, this could be natural selection ("survival of the fittest") like in evolutionary processes. On the other hand, selection by man, e.g. breeding, is called artificial selection. Artificial selection is also used in genetic engineering to identify a genetically modified organism due to its new characteristics (e.g. resistance to antibiotics).

Now in its 26th edition, The MedTech Investing Europe Conference offers a perfect combination of the latest investment opportunities in game-changing technologies and unrivalled programme content giving first-hand insight and opinion from senior-level MedTech experts.

Pre-arranged One-To-One meetings and extensive networking opportunities will give investors and entrepreneurs ample opportunity to identify and meet with the companies and individuals that are right for you. This year’s agenda has been comprehensively researched and designed to cover the most up to date issues within this ever-developing sector and will provide delegates with the vital intelligence and advice needed to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

Exclusive access to over 40 pioneering MedTech innovators who will showcase their latest innovations and provide investors with a diverse range of opportunities for investment. The presentations will be streamed for the benefit of the audience and will include product information, stage of business, expected growth rates, exit strategy plans and the level of funding required.

Private One-To-One meetings with the innovators and investors of your choice to discuss potential business opportunities and foster future relationships. Last year over 250 meetings were booked through our online networker, which will allow you to control your conference experience and make the most of your One-To-One meeting time by pre-arranging your twenty minute meetings with MedTech entrepreneurs and other industry leaders. You will also have the opportunity to access company profiles and be able to search by selecting the demographic of your choice.

Exclusive roundtable discussions and keynote presentations have been designed with industry experts to provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to flourish in today’s economic climate. Key sessions include:

  • Financing MedTech – What does a great investment look like?
  • How Does Healthcare Economics Playout in the Real World? – How is this affecting investment choices?
  • The Challenges of Commercialisation – How can companies and investors de-risk in this difficult stage?
  • Family Office and Private Investors in Life sciences – Who are these groups and how do they operate?
  • Innovative Financing Mechanisms in Healthcare – What opportunities are out there?
  • 360 Look at Exits in the Healthcare Industry – Can you keep all sides happy and is there life after exit?

Great peer-to-peer networking opportunities with leading investors, major healthcare corporations and medical technology companies who will all be reunited under one roof, offering a chance to discuss new business opportunities.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/the-26th-medtech-investing-europe-conference/