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Understanding the health data future – Deloitte Healthconnect


04.00 pm - 06.00 pm
Registration deadline
Basel Area Business & Innovation
Dufourstrasse 11
4010 Basel, Switzerland
Thomas Brenzikofer
E-mail: thomas.brenzikofer(at)baselarea.swiss

In collaboration with Deloitte, we launched in 2020 the DayOne Health Data Scenario Project. Some 50 Experts coming together in three workshops for a total of more than 18 hours have identified 10 potential scenarios that will lead the way in creating a much-needed efficient and rewarding healthcare data ecosystem. We are excited to present our results in an upcoming all online joint event: “Understanding the health data future – Deloitte Healthconnect, co-hosted by DayOne”

Participation is free, however, registration is required before March 1, 2021.


16:00 | Welcome
Nico Kleyn, Deloitte

16:10 | Making Sense of the DayOne Health Data Scenarios
Thomas Brenzikofer, DayOne
Alexander Fink, ScMI

16:25 | From owner- to custodianship: The health data ecosystem of the future
Nishant Sinha, Deloitte

16:35 | Panel Discussion with:
Randall McGuire and Michael Rebhan, Novartis
Stefano Napolitano, Midata
Katrin Crameri, SPHN/SIB
Egle Thomas, Patient Champion
Antonio Russo, Deloitte
Moderation: Thomas Brenzikofer

16:50 | Wrap-up and outlook on the DayOne Health Data Scenario Project


There is little doubt that data will be the major driving force of future healthcare innovation. Each year petabytes of Health Data are produced and yet little progress has been made in making the best use of this valuable resource. The Covid-19 crisis is a poignant example.

There are several reasons for this: For starter, there are technological issues regarding the lack of standards, interoperability and semantic clarity. Moreover, market forces are at play as incumbents try to hold on to old business models while newcomers seek to disrupt them. Lastly, a number of cultural barriers will need to be overcome.

In order to shed some light on this complex topic and to create a common understanding regarding the basic building blocks that will shape the future health data ecosystem, DayOne has started the Health Data Scenario Project. 50 experts from different healthcare stakeholders have worked together to define 10 scenarios delivering a comprehensible map of what the future could look like.

Now is the time to explore how these scenarios might affect citizens, patients, healthcare providers, governments, science communities and businesses.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/event/understanding-health-data-future-deloitte-healthconnect