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  • Biotechnology is the study of all processes involving life cells or enzymes for the transformation and production of certain substances.
  • Biomolecules which can bind active agents are called targets. They can be receptors, enzymes or ion channels. If agent and target interact with each other the term agent-target-specific effect is used. The identification of targets is very important in biomedical and pharmaceutical research because a specific interaction can help to understand basic biomolecular processes. This is essential to identify new points of application.
The Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry

Baden-Württemberg – the land of start-ups

Setting up an independent company is an excellent way to turn innovative life sciences solutions into successful new products and services. Baden-Württemberg is highly attractive for business start-ups. As one of the leading German states in the fields of healthcare and biotechnology, Baden-Württemberg has an attractive and stimulating environment for those seeking to set up their own company. Baden-Württemberg has a high density of innovative companies, application-oriented research institutions and suppliers, all of which are potentially interesting cooperation partners for start-ups.

The Baden-Württemberg government is constantly striving to offer new and attractive incentives for new companies. These include:

  • Innovation Vouchers, in particular coupon B for innovative start-up companies in the high-tech area. www.innovationsgutscheine.de
  • Young Innovator grants: The Young Innovators funding programme is a successful initiative run by the Baden-Württemberg government, and is similar to the federal EXIST funding programme. It supports start-ups from universities and non-university research institutions in setting up their own business. Information about current calls is available at:

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH is the central point of contact in Baden-Württemberg for issues relating to the state's healthcare industry and bioeconomy activities. BIOPRO proposes a wide range of measures to support company founders in these and related sectors. BIOPRO

  • EXI Hightech Start-up Voucher: Two-tier consulting programme for people interested in establishing their own business/company founders in the high-tech sectors. The programme provides comprehensive support, starting with an initial evaluation of the start-up project, through to advice on available funding programmes and issues such as business models, business plans and financing. BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg is the contact point for founders of life sciences start-ups. EXI
  • Start-up BW Accelerators: Six accelerator programmes support early stage start-ups and future entrepreneurs in various thematic areas. Biotechnology, pharma and medical technologies is adressed by the Life Science-Accelerator Baden-Württemberg. Further accelerators focus e.g. on energy, green economy, sustainability, IT.

Financing tools for start-up projects and young companies

Financial support for start-up projects once public funding has come to an end is an important aspect that company founders working to successfully establish a company need to take into account. Baden-Württemberg has developed a broad range of different tools to help in the successful establishment of start-ups.

  • Seedfonds BW: Invests in young Baden-Württemberg technology companies in the seed phase. Equity capital is provided in cooperation with the High-Tech Gründerfonds. Seedfonds BW
  • VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg: Provides equity capital to innovative and expanding companies in the seed, start-up and expansion phases. VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg
  • VC-BW – Netzwerk für Beteiligungskapital: Joint initiative of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics and Stuttgart Financial. In cooperation with other venture capital initiatives in Baden-Württemberg, VC-BW organises an annual VC pitch, usually in January, where start-up companies can present themselves to potential investors. VC-BW
  • LEA Venturepartner Wagniskapitalfonds: invests in technologically solid companies in the early growth phases.

In addition to the aforementioned funding programmes, there are several regional agencies providing start-up funding. Baden-Württemberg also has a vibrant business angel community.

More information on Baden-Württemberg as a start-up location is provided by startup BW.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/location/start-up/