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Biocopy presents "ValidaTe" – A novel ultra-fast screening technology

ValidaTe enables characterization of efficacy and safety of T-cell drug candidates in days rather than months. The breakthrough speed and unprecedented density of data processed can give partner companies a competitive advantage. New high-throughput microarray technology for label-free characterization of drug candidate interactions can significantly accelerate development in immune-oncology.

BioCopy AG introduces ValidaTe, an innovative, proprietary platform based on microarrays for the highly parallelized screening of drug candidates for T-cell therapy. ValidaTe is now available to biopharmaceutical companies.

With ValidaTe, about 5,000 protein-protein binding interactions are characterized simultaneously in one hour on one chip. Thus, ValidaTe chips can mirror the complexity of the human immune system. Drug candidates can be identified and drug leads can be validated instantly by screening thousands of peptide-HLA complexes placed on a thumbnail-sized surface. This parallel measurement of binding interactions is based on a proprietary label-free detection technology, which delivers highly accurate and detailed time-resolved kinetic data sets.

ValidaTe significantly shortens the time-consuming and laborious drug discovery and validation phase for novel T-cell therapies. It can provide a decisive head start in drug development, setting new benchmarks for speed and efficiency.

With this ground-breaking technology, biopharmaceutical companies can characterize and validate the efficacy and safety of T-cell drug candidates within days instead of months. The ValidaTe array can be tailored to measure the active structures of individual drug candidates for T-cell therapeutics, such as TCR-bispecifics or TCR-T-cells.

Product enhancements in 2022 include an expanded array capacity of 10,000 spots and cell-based formats.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/biocopy-presents-validate-novel-ultra-fast-screening-technology