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seleon GmbH becomes part of the aesco solutions group

On May 17, 2024, aesco solutions, a leading group for production and development services (CDMO) for medical device companies, and D11Z. Ventures GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn) announce the closing of the acquisition of seleon GmbH.

Seleon GmbH, headquartered in Heilbronn and with additional locations in Dessau and Leipzig, has established itself in Central Europe for decades as a leading service partner in the development of medical technology devices and assemblies with a special focus on fluidic applications as well as in the field of clinical and regulatory consulting. At its production site in Dessau, seleon GmbH manufactures high-quality devices for well-known medical technology companies and does so at the highest quality level. The D11Z. Ventures GmbH & Co. has developed seleon GmbH into its leading position today since its acquisition in 2007 and is now supporting the creation of a European MedTech CDMO Champion through the sale.

Aesco solutions, which includes the SASSE Elektronik and FG Elektronik brands, is a growth platform of AURELIUS Wachstumskapital SE & Co. KG. This medium-sized investment holding company focuses on the acquisition of healthy and growing medium-sized companies with a strong market positioning.
For more than 77 years, SASSE Elektronik has stood for complex development and manufacturing services in medical technology. It is particularly known for its outstanding solutions in human-machine interaction (HMI and sensor technology), secure communication and the development and production of medical devices and high-tech assembly solutions. FG Elektronik stands for innovative battery solutions and components in high-end power electronics that enable a high-performance and safe energy supply for medical devices and complex applications in other areas. With the acquisition of seleon GmbH, medical device manufacturers will receive from the aesco solutions an even more comprehensive support in the future. By expanding the service offerings and strengthening technological expertise, customers will have the opportunity to bring their medical devices to market faster and more cost-effectively, as complex and cost-intensive interfaces between service providers in the areas of development, regulatory & clinical affairs, quality management, industrialization, production and after-sales services will be eliminated.

"We are very pleased to welcome seleon to the aesco solutions group," says Peter Molnár, CEO of the aesco solutions group. "The acquisition is an important step in the implementation of our buy-and-build strategy to create a leading company in the European MedTech CDMO market. We will be able to offer our customers even more innovative and efficient solutions. Together, we want to help to shape the future of the industry by combining application and technology innovations."

Frank-Martin Rammelt, CEO of seleon GmbH, emphasizes the positive effects of the integration into the aesco solutions group: “The strategic partnership opens up exciting new opportunities for seleon GmbH and enables us to offer our customers an extended service. We are confident that this synergy will further strengthen our ability to develop innovative solutions as we continue to provide excellent service to our customers."

The takeover of seleon GmbH by the aesco solutions Group stands for the continuity of both companies for quality and progress in the medical technology industry and already promises a bright future today.

About aesco solutions

As a full-service group of companies, aesco solutions provides medical technology manufacturers with comprehensive support in the realisation of their products: From the idea phase and development, through the integration of our technologies and components, to approval and series production as well as lifecycle management and after-sales service.

Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/article/press-release/seleon-gmbh-becomes-part-aesco-solutions-group