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Forschungscampus M²OLIE

Under the umbrella of M²OLIE, 17 equal partners (five academic and twelve industrial partners) currently work together within three multidisciplinary lead projects and two cross-sectional projects. Covering the fields of medical research, natural science, engineering, information science and business administration, the M²OLIE partners develop a patient-centred and time-optimised infrastructure as well as novel methods for diagnostics and treatment of tumour patients. By means of innovative automatisation and process optimisation, the multidisciplinary project groups aim to establish the entire treatment process of a patient (admission, biopsies, diagnosis, treatment, release) as a closed-loop process and a one-stop shop within one working day.This sustainable innovation in the field of complex tumour treatment opens the chance to transfer cancer as a heavy stroke of fate into a chronic disease. The core of M²OLIE is the experimental intervention room inside the CUBEX41 (Centre of the Medical Technology Cluster Mannheim) located on the campus of the University Medical Centre Mannheim. The spatial proximity of research and clinic provides an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and cutting-edge research which can be tested and clinically evaluated immediately. The M²OLIE project is currently in the middle of the first main phase.

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