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Max Rubner-Institut Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ernährung und Lebensmittel

The Max Rubner-Institut (MRI) Karlsruhe, the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food, was founded on 1 January 2008. Its research focus is health and consumer protection in the nutrition sector. Important research fields are the determination and nutritional assessment of health relevant food ingredients, the investigation of careful and resource-preserving procedures of processing, the quality assurance of vegetable and animal food as well as the analysis of sociological parameters of nutrition and the improvement of nutrition information. The MRI consists of eight departments, four horizontal cross-product units and four vertical production-chain-oriented units. Besides the three horizontal units nutritional behaviour, physiology / biochemistry of nutrition, and food technology / bioprocess engineering, the vertical unit for safety and quality of fruit and vegetables leads to the fact that half of the departments are located in Karlsruhe. The MRI-department of food technology and bioprocess engineering combines Life Sciences and Engineering approaches and applies knowledge derived from ist own research in nutrition and food science to secure or even enhance food quality and thereby contributing to consumer protection.

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