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SGS M-Scan GmbH

SGS M-Scan, the world leaders in the application of advanced mass spectrometry techniques for protein and carbohydrate structural analysis comprises of four analytical laboratories in Europe and the US. The German Laboratory SGS M-Scan GmbH is based in the “Biotech Park” Freiburg.
The SGS M-Scan laboratories provide GLP/GMP compliant analyses for bio/pharmaceuticals, from small molecules/NME’s through to peptides, proteins and glycoproteins such as monoclonal antibodies, including biosimilar products at all stages of the product development pipeline. Analyses range from pharmacokinetics, metabolism, impurity analysis, de-novo sequence determination, to full characterisation to appropriate FDA/ICH guidelines (ICH Q6B), with particular emphasis on post-translational modifications.
SGS M-Scan laboratories are equipped with a range of some 25 high performance mass spectrometers and are complemented by gas-phase sequencing, HPLC, CD, SEC-MALS, AUC, 2-AB labeling analysis and amino acid analysis.
In November 2010, M-Scan became part of the SGS Life Sciences Services group. SGS Life Science Services is the largest network of contract analytical laboratories with 17 facilities in 11 countries. The group provides clinical research services, analytical development, biologics characterization, quality control testing, microbiology and stability studies and extractables and leachables tests that meet regulatory requirements to biotechnology and medical device manufacturers.

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