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Gene Bridges GmbH

Gene Bridges GmbH, founded 2000 as a spin-off of the European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL), commercializes the patented „Red/ET Recombination” technology. „Red/ET Recombination”, also referred to as „recombineering” or „λ-mediated recombination”, allows fast and cost-effective modification of DNA molecules. E. coli cells which express phage-derived protein pairs, either RecE/RecT from the Rac prophage or Redα/Redβ from λ phage, can precisely alter target DNA by homologous recombination using short (50bp long) homology arms for the reaction.
In May 2004, Gene Bridges opened its Commercial Centre in the Technology Park in Heidelberg to offer customers the possibility to outsource DNA modification projects. Since its opening our team of DNA engineering specialists performed more than 600 customer projects for a great number of pharma and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutes. The main business areas are „E. coli strain modification/ White Biotech“ and the preparation of complex tailor-made DNA targeting constructs and BAC transgenes which are necessary for the preparation of „transgenic mouse models“ in order to analyze the molecular mechanism of diseases like cancer or neurodegenerative disorders. Companies can alternatively license the technology for in-house use.

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