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The Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry

At a glance

The Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry - a recession-proof employer that has strong ties with the region - is of key importance for the state. It comprises the biotechnology and medical technology sectors and the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, the industry with over 88,000 employees generated revenues of over 23 billion euros.

With more than 1,081* companies involved in research, development and/or production, the healthcare industry is strongly represented in Baden-Württemberg. Of all the German federal states, Baden-Württemberg has the largest number of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies and the second largest number of biotechnology companies. The healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg is characterised by small- and medium-sized companies and is also home to global companies such as Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Aesculap and KARL STORZ.

Due to the presence of the entire value chain from research and development through to production and sales, the Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry benefits from optimal location factors. In addition, it is embedded into a dense network of (university) hospitals and research institutions.

Taxable revenues and employee figures in the healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg were calculated by the Baden-Württemberg Statistics Office on the basis of data held in the BIOPRO company database, as long as the relevant data had been submitted to the Statistics Office at the time of the survey. The data used in the survey were taken from 2016. BIOPRO’s company database currently lists 174 biotechnology companies, 840 medical technology companies and 86 companies in the pharmaceutical industry, all of which carry out research, develop and/or produce in Baden-Württemberg (as of 7/2018). Figures were extracted for 135 biotechnology companies, 799 medical technology companies and 83 pharmaceutical companies. © BIOPRO

The healthcare industry is the manufacturing high-tech sector, which makes above-average investments in research and development (R&D). High R&D investments are essential for these innovative industries.1

The gross value added of the Baden-Württemberg healthcare sector in 2016 amounted to 51.3 billion euros. Around a third of the 51.3 billion euros was generated by the healthcare industry.2

* For companies that are active in several economic sectors, the company was only counted once.

These figures were collected by BIOPRO and the Baden-Württemberg Statistics Office in 2018 for use in BIOPRO's latest Healthcare Industry report. The original report and the updated version can be downloaded from BIOPRO's webpage "Selected publications".

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Website address: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/en/location/facts