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The Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry

Baden-Württemberg – an attractive business location

Baden-Württemberg, the state of inventors and thinkers, is one of the leading economic regions in Germany and Europe thanks to an economic landscape that incorporates many small- and medium-sized businesses. The state’s innovative strength is partly based on the scientific excellence of university and non-university research institutions and innovative companies, and partly on its attractiveness as a base for creating and developing companies. Numerous financing and cooperation opportunities along with technology parks complete the offer. BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, a wholly-owned affiliate of the Baden-Württemberg government, and a multitude of clusters and networks support stakeholders in the healthcare industry to establish collaborations across different industries.

Technology centers

Baden-Württemberg is home to numerous technology parks and thus offers an excellent infrastructure and attractive high-tech locations for life sciences companies in close proximity to scientific excellence. Young companies and business start-ups particularly stand to benefit from the opportunities for cooperation with other companies and research institutions in the technology parks and also from the relatively cheap rents for office and laboratory space.

Cooperation support

The Baden-Württemberg research and business landscape is characterised by a large number of clusters, networks and bioregions. They enable an effective and cross-sector cooperation between all stakeholders of the healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg.


Baden-Württemberg offers a varied and innovative research landscape. It is home to a large number of university and non-university research institutions. They cover the entire spectrum from basic research through to applied science and economically oriented science. The database provides concise information on research institutions active in the Baden-Württemberg healthcare sectors.


BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH’s healthcare industry database lists succinct profiles of the state’s biotech, medtech and pharma companies. The database includes companies involved in research, development and/or production.

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