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The latest articles, press releases and dossiers on diagnostics in Baden-Württemberg

  • Dossier - 18/11/2013

    Biotechnology plays a part in many high-tech fabrics that have become an integral part of our everyday life. Whether it is products for the treatment of wounds, fabrics for marquees or for clothing, many materials have been developed or are produced using biotechnological techniques and processes. Many products marketed as “micro” or “nano” are inspired by nature. The current topic of the month addresses different aspects of innovative textiles…

  • Article - 12/08/2013

    Between 20 and 30 million Germans suffer from allergies to house dust mites, pollen and many other allergens¹. The diagnosis of allergies is usually a rather time-consuming process as more than 20,000 potential allergens need to be tested in order to identify the allergen that causes a patient’s particular symptoms². Sensovation AG has developed a technology that allows the parallel analysis of 20 allergens and which has the potential to simplify…

  • Article - 12/08/2013

    The exome is the part of the genome that is formed by exons i.e. the DNA regions that code for proteins and other functional products. Though comprising only about 1 of the total genome the majority of disease-causing mutations occur in the exome. Selectively sequencing the coding regions of the genome is quicker than whole-genome sequencing. Therefore exome sequencing plays an important role in the diagnosis of genetic diseases and cancer.…

  • Article - 04/07/2013

    For the first time, scientists from Heidelberg have characterised cancer cells that initiate metastasis in the blood of breast cancer patients using an in-vivo xenograft mouse model. These cells have the properties of cancer stem cells and are characterised by three surface molecules that can be used as biomarkers for disease progression.

  • Article - 03/06/2013

    Stroke is one of the most common causes of death in the Western world and in Germany the most common cause of moderate to severe disabilities. Besides effective prevention, the rapid and specific diagnosis of impaired blood circulation in the brain is key in the effective treatment of stroke patients. PD Dr. Thomas Gisler from the University of Konstanz has developed CereFLux, a method that allows the flow of blood in the human brain to be…

  • Press release - 02/05/2013

    On the 22nd April 2013 the Curetis AG in Holzgerlingen announced the closing of a Series B financing round totaling EUR 12.5 million. The financing was led by HBM Partners. Dr. Alexander Asam of HBM will join Curetis’ supervisory board. Curetis will use the proceeds for the next phase of commercial and operational growth.

  • Article - 15/04/2013

    In cooperation with the company Centogene AG Prof. Dr. Michael Przybylski from the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Biopolymer Analysis and Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry at the University of Konstanz has developed a method that involves a novel substance class and enables the parallel measurement of enzyme activity based on fluorometry and mass spectroscopy. The method for which the inventors have recently filed a patent application forms the basis…

  • Article - 25/03/2013

    Every year in the EU, 45,300 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 330,000 with breast cancer. Ovarian cancer has a mortality rate of around 64% and breast cancer around 27%*. The EU-funded research project EpiFemCare aims at improving cancer detection and subsequent patient care. The research project aims to develop blood tests based on epigenetic DNA modifications, i.e. the methylation of the base cytosine, for the identification of…

  • Article - 25/02/2013

    Premature births are not uncommon in Germany where around seven percent of newborns are born before week 37 of pregnancy. The WHO estimates that the numbers of preterm births are growing due to the increasing age of mothers. Doctors caring for the tiny patients are faced with a dilemma because regular blood samples required for the clinical monitoring of important blood parameters cannot be taken due to the infants low body volume.

  • Article - 04/02/2013

    “capmatch medical” was specifically designed for young medical device and biotech companies that are seeking capital from investors in Europe. Combined with professional coaching and process management, capmatch medical’s matching approach improves the chances of successful matchmaking between companies and dedicated investors.

  • Article - 04/02/2013

    The Department of Cardiology at Heidelberg University Hospital and Siemens Corporate Technology have been working together since 2011 to develop new software that improves the diagnosis of heart diseases. The new software analyses and manages data related to the genetic causes of cardiomyopathy and presents the data to physicians in a clear manner. Specific microRNAs in the blood of patients have the potential of being used as new biomarkers,…

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