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  • Dossier Advanced therapy medicinal products

    Novel gene and cell therapies are associated with high expectations in the treatment of incurable and hereditary diseases. Among them, CAR-T cell therapies have emerged as a major hope in cancer treatment.
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  • Industry report The healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg

    BIOPRO's new report entitled "Healthcare Industry 2020: Facts and Figures for Baden-Württemberg" illustrates key figures like num the number of companies, number of employees and taxable turnover for the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.
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Latest news

  • Article - 29/09/2014

    Prof. Dr. Andrei Lupas is a molecular biologist and director of the Department of Protein Evolution at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Developmental Biology in Tübingen. He became fascinated by the incredible complexity of proteins early on during his scientific career. His work focuses on the use of laboratory and computational methods to solve the question as to how a simple amino acid chain becomes a protein ‘nanomachine’. Lupas and his…

  • Article - 29/09/2014

    The company myPOLS Biotec UG, a spin-off from the University of Konstanz, specializes in services involving DNA and RNA polymerases and creates artificial enzymes by evolution in test tubes. These next-generation polymerases can be used for many research and diagnostics applications. myPOLS Biotec’s polymerases are promising enzymes for future applications with the potential to make the detection of pathogens and DNA analysis faster and easier.

  • Guest article - 22/09/2014

    Sebastian Giese, a doctoral student at the University of Freiburg, spent six months in Shanghai with funding from a Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts China scholarship. Below, Sebastian tells us about his impressions of the country and its people and his experiences in the megacity.

  • Part 1 - 22/09/2014

    Healthcare in Germany is quite good. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies carry out research in order to improve it further. The question is, how can a fair price for innovative drugs be determined? BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH has talked to Dr. Manfred Caeser, a specialist in pricing and reimbursement at LSCN Ltd.

  • Article - 15/09/2014

    Gene therapy currently offers the only chance of curing genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and beta thalassaemia. Gene therapy is the replacement or correction of a mutated gene with DNA that encodes a functional gene. Intensive research has been going on in this field for many years however only a handful gene therapies are available at this point in time. Dr. Michael Kormann junior professor at the Childrens Hospital at the University of…

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