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Technology Transfer Experiment Call

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The Technology Transfer Experiment call is meant to provide financial support for eligible pan-European cross-border collaboation projects tailored to the five main application areas:

  • Diagnostic Robotics
  • Interventional Robotics
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Robotics supporting Patients
  • Robotics supporting Healthcare Professionals

The major aim of this call is to stimulate the transfer of innovative technology from outside the robotics and healthcare domains, to solve unanswered clinical questions. Moreover, DIH-HERO is aimed to contribute to overcome implementation hurdles that hinder generating new business for the healthcare robotics industry and to create new links inside the value chain, thereby enabling societal & economic impact.

The Technology Transfer Experiments Call is now open! The deadline of the call is the 15th of June 2020.

Seiten-Adresse: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/datenbank/foerderung/technology-transfer-experiment