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EIC Transition

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Have you identified EIC Pathfinder, FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) or European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept project results that could be the basis for ground-breaking innovations and new businesses?

  • Is this novel technology ready for the next steps towards its maturation and validation in some specific applications?
  • Have you performed early exploration of potential markets for your innovation as well as potential competitors?
  • Do you envisage building a motivated and diverse team to develop the idea towards commercialisation?

If the answer to each one of these questions is ‘yes’, then EIC Transition may be the right call for you.

Why should you apply?

EIC Transition funds innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle in laboratory. It supports both the maturation and validation of your novel technology from the lab to the relevant application environments (by making use of prototyping, formulation, models, user testing or other validation tests) as well as explorations and development of a sustainable business case and business model towards commercialisation.

Applicants to EIC Transition 2022 can submit proposals through:

  • EIC Transition Open which has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any field of science, technology or application; or
  • EIC Transition Challenges in predefined thematic areas of emerging and strategic technologies.

Can you apply?

Your proposal must build on results (demonstrated proof of principle) achieved within an eligible project. In 2022, EIC Transition is restricted to proposals based on results generated by the following eligible projects:

  • EIC Pathfinder projects (including projects funded under EIC pilot Pathfinder, Horizon 2020 FET-Open, FET-Proactive) and FET Flagships calls (including ERANET calls under the FET Work Programme)
  • European Research Council Proof of Concept projects

EIC Transition Open

This topic has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any field of science, technology or application.

For any chosen field, EIC Transition projects should address, in a balanced way, both technology and market/business development, possibly including iterative learning processes based on early customer or user feedback. These activities should include, subject to the level of maturity of the technology, a suitable mix of research, technology development and validation activities to increase the maturity of the technology beyond proof of principle to viable demonstrators of the technology in the intended field of application (i.e. up to Technology Readiness Level 5 or 6). The activities must in all cases address market readiness towards commercialisation and deployment (market research, business case, prospects for growth, intellectual property protection, competitor analysis etc.) and other relevant aspects of regulation, certification and standardisation, aimed at getting both the technology and the business idea investment-ready.

The expected outcomes of your EIC Transition project are a) a technology that is demonstrated to be effective for its intended application and b) a business model, its initial validation and a business plan for its development to market.

EIC Transition Challenges

The total indicative budget for this call is EUR 60.5 million, of which approximately half is reserved for the topic “Green digital devices for the future”, and the remaining budget is divided equally between the other two topics.

  • Green digital devices for the future
  • Process and system integration of clean enery technologies
  • RNA-based therapies and diagnostics for complex or rare genetic diseases

How do you apply?

The cut-off dates for 2022 are:

  • 4 May 2022 at 17h00 Brussels local time;
  • 28 September 2022 at 17h00 Brussels local time.
Seiten-Adresse: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/datenbank/foerderungen/eic-transition-1