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Medtec Europe 2018

Messe Stuttgart
Messepiazza 1,
70629 Stuttgart, Germany
Halls 9 & 10
Elisabethstraße 13
53721 Siegburg
Tel.: +49 (0)2241 9597810
Medtec Europe 2018


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Folgende Informationen sind nur auf Englisch verfügbar:

Medtec Europe is the regions main destination for Europe's leading medical device and technology players. It also serves as a prime location for market opportunities and Start-Up companies looking to distribute and present their innovations to investors. Meet leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributers and review the latest product innovations from all over the world. You can also promote your own company at Medtec Europe 2018.

Medtec Europe continues to bring together leading international and domestic Medtech professionals from all over the world to do business and network. Held annually, the show's location is taking place in the great city of Stuttgart, Germany.

Why Medtec?

  • The event brings together over 6,800+ Medical Technology professionals from 76 countries around the world
  • The exhibition serves not only as trading & networking, but also learning platform providing you with access to the latest market updates, regulatory news and innovations
  • Germany is a key region for the industry of medical technology and have some of the state of the art technology and devices on the market

Whether you are looking to buy or supply medical technology products and services, establish or strengthen business partnerships with local suppliers in Germany or else – Medtec Europe is the right choice for you.

2018 Focus: Smart Health Innovations

As one of the most exciting sectors of the Industry, one key element of Medtec Europe 2018 will be Smart Health innovations. The industry is developing a need for digitalisation and smart solutions throughout all segments of the medical device production chain.

Start-up Academy

Medtec Europe 2018 will once again host the Start-up Academy – a place where start-up businesses showcase their latest innovations to potential partners from the medical device industry. A select number of start-ups will be offered a demonstration slot and presence on Medtec Europe show floor free of charge. Winners will be selected by Medtec judging panel.

Medical Device Manufacturing Conference 17 April 2018

Since 2017, Medtec Europe collaborates with the Fraunhofer Institute IPA and Messe Stuttgart on the topic of Medical Device Manufacturing. A technical conference aimed at decision makers from research and development, medical engineering and product development, attendees will have the chance to deepen their knowledge of a broad spectrum of topics at a more technical level.

Visit the Medtech Europe webpage for more information.

Seiten-Adresse: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/de/veranstaltung/medtec-europe-2018/