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Meet & Match – Microbiome & Health

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH und BioValley France laden Sie ein am 1. Juli 2021 bei der 19. Ausgabe unserer gemeinsamen Netzwerk-Veranstaltung «Meet & Match» dabei zu sein. Freuen Sie sich auf spannende Online-Vorträge und die Gelegenheit sich zu vernetzen oder Kooperationspartner zu finden.

Meet & Match
Wissenschaftler & forschende Unternehmen mit Interesse in den Bereichen Biotech, Pharma und Diagnostik
BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg & BioValley France
Dr. Sandra Sapich
E-Mail: sapich(at)bio-pro.de

Jana Friedl
E-Mail: friedl(at)bio-pro.de

BioValley France:
Agnès Legoll
E-Mail: agnes.legoll(at)biovalley-france.com

Folgende Informationen sind lediglich auf Englisch verfügbar:


The human microbiome has been linked to a number of conditions and diseases including diabetes, autism, anxiety and obesity. Other important roles of the human microbiome include programming the immune system, providing nutrients for cells and preventing colonisation by pathogens. Thus, the analysis and research of different microbial communities living inside or outside of the human body could be key to our health. To further address this hot topic, BIOPRO and their French partner BioValley France organise their 19th joint «Meet & Match» event, focusing on the «Microbiome». The virtual event takes place on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Thematically, the focus of this networking event is on opportunities and possibilities in the field of microbiome research and analysis. Presentations from researchers, clinicians and industry will provide further insight into exciting projects featuring different therapeutic and diagnostic approaches.

Why participate?

The Meet & Match addresses research institutions, companies and start-ups – mainly from France and Baden-Württemberg – with an interest in methods, treatments and diseases linked to the human microbiome. The objective of the event is to establish new contacts, encourage participants to initiate cooperations or joint developments as well as to gain a better understanding of the microbiome's impact on human health.

Present your organisation

During the «Short presentation session» participants may introduce their company or research group to enable intense networking opportunities. You can apply for a 2-3-minute short presentation upon registration until Thursday, June 17, 2021. Please note that the number of short presentations is limited and that the session is arranged for research institutions or companies being active in R&D or production. Selection is made by the organisers.


The participation is free of charge. For organisational reasons, prior registration is requested. Therefore, please fill in the registration form (soon available here).

You will receive more information about the online platform prior to the event. Please note that the number of participants is limited.

We look forward to meet you online!



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Seiten-Adresse: https://www.gesundheitsindustrie-bw.de/veranstaltung/meet-match-2021-microbiome