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Webinar Living Labs Mannheim for startups and companies


13:00 - 14:00 Uhr
Startups und Unternehmen
5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health
Lisa Tschalenko
Senior Ecosystem Manager
E-mail: lisa.tschalenko(at)5-ht.com

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Do not miss the chance of getting to know the possibilities of testing your idea or product in a clinical setting. In today’s world of ever-evolving technology and innovation, it has become crucial for businesses to test their products or ideas in real-life situations before launching them on the market. Living Labs provide the perfect solution for this challenge by offering the equipped environment for experimentation, validation and testing. This Webinar is offered to show interested start-ups and companies the three so-called Living Labs in Mannheim.

INSPIRE Platform

INSPIRE is the development and testing platform for digital health and medical devices Mannheim/Rhein Neckar. The platform, based at the University Hospital Mannheim, currently consists of five core partners from the clinical and research sectors and enables the systematic bringing together of start-ups, SMEs and group companies with healthcare providers and research institutions. The INSPIRE platform office is the central contact point for interested companies.

INSPIRE Living Lab

To bridge the gap between digital health companies and the clinic a testing platform within the University Hospital of Mannheim was developed. The Living Lab is a modern interdisciplinary ward for the treatment of patients within the urology and orthopaedic department. Here, Start- ups and SMEs can test and improve their products in clinical routine practice, take advantage of user feedback from doctors, nurses and patients and generate data for clinical studies or regulatory approval.

Example: The company GADV has developed a device for hand-free documentation. They are experienced in different industrial brunches but now want to see if their tool is suitable and useful for the hospital setting as well. Nurses within the Living Lab were equipped with this tool and collected their feedback on hardware and software issues coming up in their everyday clinical routine.

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab at the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Medical Faculty Mannheim serves as a controlled environment for evaluating and testing digital products in the field of medicine and healthcare, such as medical devices, software, and mobile applications. The lab is located in the heart of the University Medical Centre Mannheim, facilitating direct collaboration with stakeholders in the medical domain such as doctors and patients. The Usability Lab can be used in various phases of medical product and software development and testing. These tests provide direct feedback to the stakeholders and developers even before entering the market. The Usability Lab's services are complemented by workshops that integrate design-thinking methods and user-cantered design principles. The Usability Lab offers professional consultation and support to startups and companies during their product development phases. It provides expertise in user research, usability, and user experience. In the realm of product development, our usability lab can assist in evaluating the practicality of products and apps through modern methods and techniques like user-centred design process and eye tracking.

Join us for an engaging session as we explore the possibilities of testing your products or ideas in a clinical setting in Mannheim’s Living Labs.


1.00 pm                 Welcome (Katharina Fox, Lisa Tschalenko)

1.05 pm                Presentation of the INSPIRE Platform (Prof. Dr. Patrick Maier)

1.20 pm                Q&A INSPIRE Platform

1.25 pm                Presentation of the INSPIRE Living Lab (Dr. rer. nat. Hannah Schlott)

1.35 pm                Q&A INSPIRE Living Lab

1.40 pm                Presenting the Usability Lab (Preetha Moorthy)

1.50 pm                Q&A Usability Lab

2.00 pm                Closing

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